About the book

In the middle of the night on July 9, 1999, government-backed militia brutally attacked the student dormitories of Tehran University, forever changing not only the political landscape but also the control the Islamic Republic of Iran had over its youth. Live Generation shares the true story of the courageous students who participated in a movement that provided the foundation for a new generation of youth willing to risk everything for the freedom of their country. Reza Mohajerinejad, one of the student organizers who led the 1999 protests, offers a compelling insider’s perspective as he chronicles the days of protest, later known as 18 Tir on the Persian calendar. He details how students were pulled from their rooms and beaten; resulting in a six-day student uprising that brought some 50,000 students out into the streets of Tehran to protest a tyrannical government. While providing a fascinating look at the determination of Iran’s youth to ensure secular, democratic rule in their country, Mohajerinejad details his own journey to captivity and torture at the hands of the Islamic regime. Live Generation shares one man’s unforgettable insight into one of the most critical, life-changing events in the history of Iran.


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