25 Bahman

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’d like to personally ask any of you close to the San Francisco Bay Area to come out this evening in support of democracy in Iran. Brings signs and candles if you can. And bring your strong belief in freedom.

Today in Iran there is one death among protesters that has been reported, but as we all know, there are probably more. The movement in Egypt that was cheered on by members of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s leaders, is an example of the hypocrisy that is typical of that government.

When Iran’s own citizens come out in protest, they are sprayed with tear gas, hit with batons, and shot in cold blood.
The chants in the streets of Iran are comparing Khamanei with Mubarak. People there are done with living under a dictatorship. Yet, unlike Egypt, we have a government that thinks nothing of shedding Iranian blood on the streets of our cities.

Please join us as we stand in San Francisco’s Union Square and remember the protesters in Iran. As my brother said earlier today, “It’s raining in the Bay Area today, but being hit with a little water is a small price to pay when our sisters and brothers in Iran are being hit with Batons.”



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