When the Movement Starts to Grow

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
Live Generation

Live Generation

Since writing Live Generation and having it launch earlier this summer, I’ve been really touched by people who have reached out to me to tell me how the story moved them. For me, I set out on this project a year and a half ago, not to sell books, but to document what happened to us more than eleven years ago. What came to be known as 18 Tir, the student uprising in response to attacks on the dorms of Tehran University in 1999, is well known by Iranians. But for many in the West, 18 Tir is only a distant memory of the reports of the attacks in the news.

I set out to put down on paper what happened, who we were, and why it was so important. We believed that the work we did back then would eventually lead to the downfall of the Islamic Regime that has terrorized our country for 31 years now. We still believe that, and over the last year we’ve seen citizens come out in protest of the government more than ever before. In July of 1999 questioning the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran was unthinkable. Today the bravery it takes to stand up to them is no less, but there are more who are willing to take that step.

One of the most rewarding experiences that has come out of writing Live Generation is when Americans or Europeans reach out and let me know that they were enlightened to the opposition’s cause because of my book. I’m always delighted to see posts on Facebook and Twitter by non-Iranians who promote the book for nothing more than wanting to spread the word and grow the movement for freedom for Iran.

Last week a friend in the Bay Area sent a link to a video clip she posted on You Tube after reading Live Generation. She started looking up images online and pieced them together to create a multi-media montage with the background music of an American band named Slipknot. The title of the song is Wait and Bleed, and the lyrics are very powerful behind the images of an Iran that the creator of the video clip only knows through the written word. For me, this kind of support and inspiration makes the hours of putting pen to paper, going through edit after edit and the tedious tasks of publishing, so very worth it.

Last week we had our book release party in Oakland, and we have many book signings scheduled throughout California. The attendance to the book release was great, and was very mixed between Iranians and non-Iranians. And so the movement continues. We spread the word of our brothers and sisters who are continually persecuted by the Islamic Regime with complete confidence that the work we do will continue to grow until one day we will create a secular, democratic Iran where human rights are upheld and our children are free.

You Tube Videos

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